Rhetorical Questions

Just how much of a blessing must it be

To return to the shelter of your home and see

That nothing has been damaged, displaced,

Or stolen and gone without a trace?


How much of a privilege is it to simply have a home,

One that may be filled with a family that ensures you’re never alone,

Or memories immortal and solid as stone

That possess such significance, they can’t be cloned.


Do you fully understand what a relief

It is to walk down your neighborhood street

Without worry of a gang of self-proclaimed elites

Seeking examples they can use to remind locals who’s chief?


You do, now that I’ve brought these facts to your attention,

But our tension-tempered lives can be of such repetition,

That our minds are subjected to retention

That spares the barriers of our realities from fierce contention.


I find it ironic that, when we are reminded

Of the very same luxuries that render us blinded,

They serve to spurn us to attain introspective comprehension

Of the struggles of those who fight to simply keep their lives in suspension.

However, even when making such an analysis,

Our vision often fails to extend beyond the surface,

As our influences fall victim to paralysis

When we fail to address problems with a purpose

To alert others that we can make an impact

Deep enough to keep this world intact,

And launch a journey to learn more

About waters that were previously unexplored.


Just how tragic must it be

For families whose lives have been inverted

As a result of warring armies

That have unexpectedly converted

Once-tranquil lands of production and prosperity

Into barren battlegrounds of great disparity

Amongst supplies, resources, and a will

To believe that the storm will ever be made still?


How devastating is it to know

That you possess no transportation to go

To a facility of quality medication

Upon contracting an illness impervious to the alleviation

Of drugs that would ordinarily ensure physical mediation?


Do you ever stop and consider what it is like

To be one of an entire people who serve as the mic

That amplifies the voice of a dictator, whose every command

Directs the path of your life and shapes an entire land?

Can you answer any of these questions without receiving an urge

To ignite a powerful campaign that will merge

An expanding, growing community of people who strive to purge

Poverty, inequality, and war from this world with actions as much as words?


If not, then you are already on your way

To reaching out to countless lives in disarray,

For awareness that is void of action

Causes the vehicle of change to lose traction

From a road that’s filled with much entropy,

Yet leads to endless possibilities.


But when your state of realization

Translates into a state of initiation,

Witness the new dimension that results from the extension

Of your mind beyond an environment that limits your vision,

Making you short-sighted of particles waiting to be excited,

And darkened souls waiting to be lighted.


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