You told me once that you were fine

I told myself you were right, you’d never lie

I know now where i went wrong

Seeing you today was the reminder you are gone

I’ve lost my mind

Without you by my side

I’ve made mistakes

Once or twice

But now you're gone there’s no rewind

Tell me this

If i try to take my life

Will i see you then

Or will you hide

You are gone

No escape

Can’t get you back

To where i am

Love me once

Love me twice

But promise me

You're alright

In my heart

In my head

I’ll give you words

For you to understand

There's no rewind

I’m looking at the ticking time

I’m standing here

Tears in my eyes

My soul is dead

Your grave is dug

Please bury me instead

For one more day

Without you friendIs another day i wish would end

This poem is about: 
My family


Jan Wienen

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