Revolution will not be televised.

No scenes of Brothers and sistaz on the highway.

Believing tomorrow brings a brighter day.

Not because of dark night of today.

And not cuz the sun shall enlighten the other day.

Not because of wearing black suits, khaki or gray.

But because of that strong will their heart is giving away.

The one their mouths is on a rush to give a say.

The one their souls are asking GOD to intervene as they pray.

Not the demonstration on the streets as flashlights show the way.

Not the outward reactions that shuttereth away.

Not the shouting of a crowd due to man infected emotions calling it a say.

There is one thing that sparks strife today.

Here I give it a say.

Ignorance, The prison locking a lot for life same as failure to obey.

Revolution comes when my brother's inner man takes control.

The god in him when he's on the role.

My sistah dancing wildly like he got diamonds on her thigh.

Revolution will not bounce to your speakers like a pop or rock 'n' roll.

Also it won't be found inside election polls.

Because westies want your prezi they can control.

The one for money and self safety sold his soul.

Revolution will not be televised nor shall we get parole.

Revolution will not cover papers and t.v screens.

It will come with police killings.

Every family mourning and the hurts screaming.

It will have tales to tell but not whats on papers nor screens.

Every man will do the telling to his offsprings.






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