How do you define revolution? It's simple, but this

is my way. It means to be different than everybody

else, that's how we are suppose to be. We stand out

from other crowds, The ones who have a great passion


of their interest are going to stand out. When you start a

revolution you can never go back, you can only get bigger,

but you can't stand still. We are the ones who protect the

names of our passion and teach to the ones know little about


it. This is how the big names got started, all they had to do was

show the world who they were when they spoke up. Don't be afraid

to speak up tell everybody your idea in what you believe and you

might start a revolution one day.

Guide that inspired this poem: 



I'm a part of the NASCAR revolution.

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerfully expressed! Truly powerful! Keep sharing keep sharing! The world needs your expression! Keep sharing your life your mind your heart! 

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