"The gate that guards my heart was open at the start.
The pathway there was clear, I had nothing to fear,
Until one day,

A dragon came and stole away… My guiding flame,

This innocent establishment, turned into a mismanagement,
When the beast had gone, the world became so yon,
You see the pathway to my heart, now was dead and far apart 

Although the pathway never retorted, 
The beauty inside was not aborted,
What seemed a hundred years has passed,
When a ray of sun extinguished the mass… 

Opened up the doors which hide, the darkness resides inside,
The heart inside was nearly dying, weeping loud and strongly crying,
Until the day the glare came through,
                                           And said to me,
                                                                 This isn't you… 

The message was true, my heart started to stew,
That ray of hope began to sink in, it penetrated deep within,
From that day on things started to change… 

Things started to grow,
                   when it began to rain,

Though still my heart has not been closely seen,
And the passage way has not been cleaned,
The radiance my heart now gives off,
Has penetrated through those walls…

Many souls have seen the new improved and lovely glow,
My heart has given and bestowed,
Hopefully someday someone somewhere will see,
The heart within the walls in me."

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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