[Revised] Urgent PoemBirthing SkeletonsMarwat Al-Olefi&

[Revised] Urgent Poem

Birthing Skeletons

Marwat Al-Olefi


A spiritual tree is what I see 

The Socotra dragon tree lives to tell the story of the oppressed

and the exploitation that was once beared  


Its bark is as thick as it is made to be. 

Bearing the trauma through its roots.

Defining its growth in a umbrella like structure through its blood, soaked branches 


As rare as they are 

They are found only in a place that is made to be

A place that respects its existence 

not to exploit its existence 

A place that depends on the strength it gives

because for the oppressed 

Strength is all they need to survive the war


They say it's the tree’s natural habitat that coexists with the people

I say it's the belief of the people 


When prayer is called, the rustle of the wind welcomes itself to the land

Only then the stable branches are not so stable

A rush of adrenaline shoots up the trees 

Recognizing these are the words that will protect its existence 

The branches hold its leaves tighty 

just like it holds its people. 

When it is time 

The branches rise and calls for the lord to protect this broken generation 


A generation that was left to defend itself with nothing 

A generation where hunger is born in the womb of the mother 


They say birthing skeleton’s is much harder than a miscarrage 

I say, the lord will thicken the mother’s womb just as it thickens the bark

They say, a country’s strength is when the people can defend their country 

And I say, strength is within and only believing in the almighty will allow for stability 






This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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