Reveries Of Purpose


Piercing through all other thoughts that plead for my attention; this ice blue is always radiant like the midnight moon.

Everywhere that I turn there it is, staring back at me, no matter the place or time.

Eyes open or closed, this color so ablaze it haunts me.

Yet something is wrong, something has faltered within. 

The color begins to fade to a shade of gray, and soon after liquid comes spilling over.

Now I know why I love that ice blue, it clicked inside my head, if only those eyes were still with me.

I feel as if they will never return.

In my mind they are all I ever see anymore, they are always there watching over me when times are hard to get through.

Dreams of them plauge my nights with such a bitter-sweet bliss, which usually wakes me in my tears.

It may seem silly, but I live for the bearer of these alluring pair of eyes, they've seen so much pain, sadness, hurt and joy. 

No matter the amount of time that passes I am anxiously waiting for their return.



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