Revenge Of The Dreamer


Down Town Cleveland
13404 Hartford rd
United States
40° 14' 42.8352" N, 82° 49' 21.7596" W

Freedom is nonexistent in today's world

Prison bars and orange jump suits seem to be

the only things these men are looking towards

Today there are too many broken hearts and

empty dreams

Once gold now turned copper things

Dreams and goals have been stomped on and


Where do you go when you've lost the only

one you trust

The dreamers have been today so many times

about how they're worthless and won't


So what can give them some extra strength

and help them to believe

I have a dream, nah maybe it's a mere hope

that the world will get better

Or maybe even stick to their crazy dreams no

matter how tattered

Ambition has been lost and aspirations left a

long time ago

Man, I sure do pray for the future and

wonder how some will stay afloat

The dreamers seem to be the ones to make the

world go round

Stood up and fought when the masked men

held the other on the ground

Used to be shackled and bound feet

Now it's just a new generation that can't think






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