Longing to touch you kiss you tell you I care
Calling an hanging up calling an hanging up just to only stare
At your picture that I hid in my album a few years back when everything was perfect I fell u caught the slack
Then u became distant each day u seemed stranger no calls and each text was a cliff hanger
I told myself don't cry...when he comes back ask why...? Do you keep fucking me an leaving 
I'm in a rage tears pouring chest heaving...! I'm sweating and it cold outside bt all the hurt I can no longer hide
U say u love me when we kiss u miss me when we touch u need me when we making love oh so much!
But then u leave me abandoned like the towel u wash off your semen thrown in the corner an off to the next bitch that gets the pussy wet 
But I've got news for u not this time I bet 
So now u come to from your slumber... tied an bound naked an confused hurt and neglected 
DAMN U IN MY SHOES I laugh as I douse u with gasoline your screaming you're sorry N u love me bt what does that mean I've heard that line before and I know it to be a lie...!
Guess there will be no more chances for this is the night u die!


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