Yeah, you had me there for a while
You had me on my knees
You took my glow and my pretty smile
It was my body but you had the keys
I felt completely dead back then
I couldn't even laugh
I pushed away my family and all my friends
Just so I could follow your path
You took my hand when I was weak
When I was lonely and tired and lost
You whispered that you would help me
But at what cost?
Yes I loved you for a bit
I believed all your fucking lies
You made me feel like some hot shit
I didn't even see the blindfold you slipped over my eyes
And by the time I could see what you'd done
I was your prisoner and you took me away
And you laughed as I turned into a skeleton
I tried to fight but you begged me to stay
Why did you choose me?
I wish we never fucking met
And you know what I'm going to do now that I'm free?
I'm going to tell all your dirty secrets
You won't take anyone else under your spell
I'll make sure everyone knows what you really do
I'll make your world a living hell
Better watch out Ana, because I'm coming after you!


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