A Revelation

Calling out to all my brothers and sisters of different races,religion,and creed
Let us all come together but stay distant through CoViD-19
Wake up everybody,our lives are not for sale,the money will not last long while we tryna survive this hell
They are giving us the option,to die slow or live fast,please consider your loved ones while you chasing that bag
Protect your surroundings and acknowledge six feet or that six feet could become your permanent place of residency
Thats some fucked up shit right,live fast or die slow?But hey,im just the messenger,if you dont know,now you know
The death toll rising,the election could be on hold,thats why Trump name on the checks,this mf tryna get some votes,thank you anyway cause you pulled me and mines through,i dont even vote,but i would never vote for you
A president should be able to address all the nations problems,big or small,not comprise our constitutional existence,tryna get us all fucked off
Calling out to all my sisters and brothers of different races,religion,and creed,try to stay safe,try to stay home,think about the families of the unloved and loved ones


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