The revelation

This is a public warning,
Stay off from your love ones!!
Stay off from the peps who gives you happiness!!
Stay isolated in your home!!.

I'd never imagined the world would be this quiet,
Where even showing love falls asleep
And high-five will be a crime,
Where even a kiss turns out to taste like a mine.

doctors are doing their best but even some of em
Are victims of this hurricane buried
Within the skin
Equating it's carriers to a time-bombs.

Our homes are now cages 'cause coming
Out is a crime-
For that beautiful soffer is now a prison
Without bars
Where you hold the keys to the door.

Who would I blame for this?
Should it go to the thighs of Wuhan?
Or that bloody scientist who plays with bars,
Thinking humanity would be
A good specimen or target practice?

But it's too late to question the wind
Why it bends the apple branch
When it's already broken.

We're the human race
So tears shouldn't blind our eyes but only
Gives us a clear vision to see
Nothing is too hard to conquer,
No!! Not even this devil- I mean covid19.

The pandemic only comes to make us panic
But we can prove to her we have a big heart
Capable of dancing to every beat
With a solo dance move so we won't
Hurt our feet.

Every beginning always had an end
For we have seen the beginning
And surely we'll see the end.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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