Behind this veil I stand, I want to be revealed. I mask who I am because I know it won't appeal. I've made mistakes and took a few punches. I have caved and hid in the darkness. Why do they try to see only my flaws? I'm a sweetheart just send back those claws. They have the vicious eye of a beast. They tear and they shred until I can't see. A silent tear falls from my cheek but to them its all just a scheme. So here I am hiding, behind this thick curtain. Just trying to stand strong, of that be certain. My cue comes in a minute, I hope all will be here to see it. The sirens will sound and the streamers will burst, then I'll go around and break through this curse. Until my curtain call, I'll stand through it all. But when I steal in, I'll reveal myself thin.  


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