Sun, 03/30/2014 - 18:39 -- Jacki21
A word of six letters
So casually said.
Not often thought of,
But easily read. 
Yes, I know it means 'slow',
And I know you don't care. 
But changing your words,
Is it too much to bear?
If you think when you speak
In class and in life,
Would it make you seem weak
To save someone strife?
'Retard', a word that causes so much pain,
There is no rebuttal from those people,
No way to fight back, no way to complain,
From something as simple as calling a name. 
What can be gained
By using this word?
Is it pride that comes from saying to the world
'I can kick those who are down: those who will never be heard'.
Are those people less?
Or are they the same. 
The sweet and the kind,
The broken and the maimed. 
Innocent and cherished,
By all except you. 
You who would think yourself better,
But is that all you do?
What's in a name?
Not the good, or the bad. 
Why label those with sparks in their eyes
And innocence in hand. 
Acceptance is key, 
Love is rife. 
Have they hurt you and me,
Or is this their life?
Hand in hand, 
We can do this together. 
We don't need hatred
To make us better. 



True words always  stand out. Good job I like it.

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