I lay here,

Staring at the wall as if I couldnt move.

as if I couldn't breathe.

I felt restless.




I wanted you here.

beside me,

but you're thousand of miles away.

So I lay here on my bed staring at the ceiling.

I just want to hear your voice say my name and tell me you love me,

Yet I didn't get an,

(I love you)

(Good night)

Instead I got cold silence that left me absolutely restless.




Your voice it sings me a song that I want to litsten to on repeat.

The perfect melody tied to one,

and when you tell me you love me and I hear your voice,

I swear!

I hear angels sing,

but tonight...

theres silence.

I don't hear the way you sound when you smile,

or when you become upset and I hear the crack in your voice.

You told me last night you couldn't sleep because you couldn't see me,

yet you couldn't sleep even when you saw me.

You were restless.



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