The Responses of Men

When's the last time you reached under a girls shirt? Not for her breast but for the heart underneath her chest That beats, to fuel the emotions that long to expressher qualities and emotions outside the appeal of sex When's the last time you saw a girl undress?  Not her clothes to reveal physical nudity but the rags of shame caused by years of distress over her body's ability to impress the so-called men she refers to as the opposite sex So I ask again... when's the last time you saw a girl undress? Her false worthiness based on the societal injections of what the so-called "men" expect When's the last time there was a girl you spontaneously caressed? Not her body with unwanted physical connectionbut her mind with constructive concepts that displayed her value and stimulated her intellect  When's the last time you made a girl erect?  Not of her genitalia but of the spiritual context,where she was hot with her passions and her lips were stained with the talk of her dreams confessed  Listen closely... Boys think of women as a sexual objectsbut real men see them as souls oppressed by the preconceived notions of their flesh  So... To the ones who have answered my questions as a boy woulddon't you dare categorize your self as men  How do you kiss your mother with a clear conscience? Stop treating women as pieces of meat won at a sports game raffle contest  I stand for the women that deserve respect and honor, which is inherently all of them For all women deserve to know their value and to live in a world filled with humble gentlemen  But it's sad to say there are too many arrogant aggressive boys and not enough genuine gentlemen  But I, along with the ones who answered my questions as men,will educate the boys amongst us and put women's demoralization to an absolute end.  


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