Response to Rihanna’s “Stay” Ft. Mikky Ekko

I wanted you to stay

Once you arrived, of course

What we had, went astray the minute it sparked

You promised;

Promised me a happily ever after to

A fairytale,

We never even started

I reciprocated feelings

You wuzn’t even feeling

You promised;

Our 1st  kiss it went

A lil like this:

It was him & I and two of his friends and when my guard wuz down his hands went up to cup my face and “mwah” just 1 simple peck and yeah it wuz just a lil bit childish but it made me smile nevertheless, I wuz glowing for the rest of that day at our lip connection he had been begging me for, for a while

You promised;

You loved me

You loved her more

So much more you kept her close

But me closer

I suffered as you thrived

Thrived off my torture

& your pleasure

You promised;

I loathed you (Or maybe it was a temporary lisps and I meant ‘ loved’)

Cuz my mind it just couldn’t produce any other emotion for you


love (love?)


So we argued,

Fueling all our sensual tension

Clouding our better judgments

Wit lust

Voiding any previous animosity

Replacing it with destined desire

Yea, it was destined to happen wit  this erotic aroma swirling around our forced friendship; yet

Nothin happens that could ease your throbbing and excited problem or

Nothin to dry up my aching apologies from down below all


Just cant.


Somewhere between yes & no

You heard maybe

Maybe I said it (maybe I told you you could be my 1st everything)

….Maybe I didn’t

Like you I can’t keep my promises

Please                          don’t

Remember                   that

Our                              “friendship” wuz

Miserable                     and our

Interactions                  meant a lot to me

So they’ll                     (of course) fuck up and

Emerge                        .


Causing me to stay stuck

stuck on stupid very stupid

I’m stuck on you, you….you…y-you

You promised;

Once this “friend”-ship sank

I waited for a “relation”-ship to rise to the surface


Good thing I wuz above the water


I wanted you to stay,

Like you promised me you never would.



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