Rude looks and cynical murmurs are deflected

by the array of metaphors and smart jargon

that pretty people will never see beyond because


 I write to dig to the bottom of issues, yet

surface only the meat that society wants to see.

Unless you play with the tone and whistle to the

tune of allusion and alteration  you won’t find that I write

Deeper than many dare.


But that’s why—because no one else will.

My writing is audacious,

rude, and

 (if I’m doing it right)

hard to deal with at times.


I’m not afraid on paper,

not timid, or


So I write to be me

because if I don’t then I’m lost to the

wiles of society and the badgering of idiotic pristineness

like how to cut a bloody steak.


 I couldn’t cope without my writing

for it is the only true me.

I can denounce the world and everything in it.

I can rebuke all stupidity and call out to the

lost and talk to the found.


I write to exhale. 


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