Even when we are apart. I wish my voice to reach out to those I love, for them to wipe their tears is smile so they know I'm with them, thinking of them, and they are not alone.
I hope even if just a little for my voice to help in any way, even if they feel they came they know I'm with them. I will walk the endless path with them. Understand there needs to cry or sing or laugh that even though its hard now there will be fun.
I pray to the heavens above to let my prayers be heard and that my voice ring true to enriched and reach them on our different paths.
That a promise is heard that we will always face forward but also always no our way back. To dream is to live and to overcome these sorrows with in our hearts.
That our voice will lead the way back even as we move forward that it will be there when there need me. Together now with each other we let our voice out and that within every sound our hearts know that even though we are apart we can still hear each others voice so that it may always reach each other.


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