Thu, 09/17/2020 - 16:42 -- Vinitha

Hope so green, dream so pristine

Love so blissful; eyes so crystal

World so little; not to belittle


Longing so earnest; not knowing fairness

Broken so vile; shattered in style

Mind so stolen; time so frozen


Trust so fickle; desire to chuckle

Though so meagre; wish to gather

Fire so ablaze; moments so faze


Steps to sort; be not at fault

Night now spins; fight so begins

Flame so burns; no more spurns


Resilience so tightened; not to be frightened

Might so deepened; joy so steepened

Wits so lightened; maiden so brightened


Maybe so blurry; future so scary

Cannot be dreary; oh no fairy

Path so weary; hold so merry


Bolster so loud; remove thy cloud

Future so unavowed; but be so proud

Strength be restored; world thy bestowed


Now so brave; not so grave

No more naive; away from knave

Life so suave; glad you forgave

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