Requiem for a Dream

Rise Fall Rise Fall


Fight, hold on.


Breathe, barely breathe


Run, Waging War against monarchies

against worlds

Your seed of hope against a world of dreams deferred


I say fight

Do not join the unbeleivers, the un-achievers

Fall, yes fall

It will make your victory that much sweeter

You Spartan with no armor,

Fight with all your vigor

In Chariots, we do not trust

We do not dread the smell of must

Battle scars bring us Hope

We're doing something right. 


My friend, we will not sit and crumble

We will not give up at the smallest stumble

Hear their army camps roar, hear the canons rumble

Let them see us fall and fumble. 

Tonight, my friend

We fight those fears that so boldly enter the territory of our mind

We fight the discouragement that seeks to remind

us of our weaknesses

Our strength is that we realize our weaknesses and fight through them

Tonight, my friend

We fight. 

We make manifest the dreams of our childhood

We do not choose caskets for the living.

Tonight. We will fight. 



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