Years ago, when the earth
Was as delicate as a new born doe
A huge land mass got split
Giving a piece of land
On which we stand, upright and still
Ancestors turned into humans
The sand and soil into beautiful monuments
A golden bird was also a pet of a mother
Never thought that she would be caged
And made to suffer
By some unknown dark demonic creatures
Who came for some but took away all her feathers
Her children were scared
Because once they used to fly
With their heads help up high
Never thought that they’ll lose
What they has in front of different creations
But, they lost their long lived reputation
Every day, those creatures
Plucked her precious feathers
And held her hostile
Her children couldn’t live
In their own house with pride
Centuries of tortures and loss of many eggs
As they were demolished by coming under the pest’s legs
But as a bird regrows her feathers
Time turns flames of fears into embers
An urge came in heart
Gathered her children and flew like terrestrials’ march past
Gain again what was truly hers
Her unique feathers each with different notations
Helped her gain her long lived reputation
Everything went in a flock of various feathers
But her family broke into different parts
And started living in different weathers
Storms & deaths became a daily vision
But now she’s living her
Long lived reputation

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My country
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