Repressed Child


Shaken up because of it, ever since I was a young kid

How could he, whom I once considered family, my own blood,

How could he, do that to me?

Although I was still just a kid,

I grew up at the age of five

His cold, unloving hands touched my body and made me cry

He scared me, He tore apart my heart and made me see life in a vengeful way

And Ever since that age, I've wanted him dead

I've wanted him to suffer, Just like I had

He took away my chlidhood, and he took away my self-respect

It took years of trying different ways, for me to get that back

Finally, I found poetry

And I was able to write everything I could not say

My dark past, my secret that was hidden deep inside,

It was finally freed from my mind

The burden I held onto for so long,

finally escaped because of words that I could not speak aloud

I was able to be happy, to bring back the child I had repressed for so long

The one who had grew up so young



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