In Reply To: A Lovely Poetry Assignment

I can show you a villanelle that I wrote.
This is the only way of showing it.
Yes, I did pay attention and take note

Of what you got to say from out your throat.
Indeed, I am the other poet, right?
“You’re the other poet,” from you I quote.

This is the beginning, please stay afloat.
There’s many more in the back, I’ll show it.
Go unload yourself. Down, set your red tote.

There’s a Ballad that set sail in a boat.
The Ode is next; I made sure I rhymed it.
Sorry that it’s so informal, not haute.

I tried my best. Lots of times I rewrote
Every single one of these poems, redone.
Difficult it was, Elegy I smote

Down it went, finest quality I wrote.
Sonnet was not very pleasant at all.
Total of five, one finished. Please take note:
“I am the other poet,” to you I quote.


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