Why do you bother

Asking if I’m okay

When you don’t want to know

You don’t want to know if I am not okay

You want to know that I am

So any answer other than


Sends a frenzy through the air

Why bother asking me when I can’t say


Because if I say no

All that’s left is

“Even though it’s not okay

It’s going to be”

Stuck in a perpetual

Motion of needing to

Always be okay

Because any other emotion

I am able to feel which is

Not being okay

Is not recognized

Any other emotion besides okay

Doesn’t deserve to be called upon

So if I am not okay

Then I am a black dot

On an okay canvas

Why ask me whether or not I am okay

When you know that I am not

Telling you that I am okay

Doesn’t extinguish the fact I am everything but

Saying the words aloud to myself

Doesn’t make things better

It only allows you to avoid

The reality

That I am broken

And you don’t know how to fix me


This poem is about: 
My family


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