Phaethon, who was set by jealousy, drove the sun

He drove the Sun too high, too low

He froze the Earth and set it ablaze

But that was then and this is now

It’s time for the tale of the repercussions


The Sun Chariot once was set on the perfect path

A circle set to orbit the Earth

So long as the horses were kept in line

But if that line was broken

The gods would find it near impossible

To regain that perfect circle

And Phaethon’s disastrous trip

Has doomed the rest of time


Sure, the orbit has changed once or twice

We all know the Ice Ages

But the line had never broken

Until the son took his father’s car

And rammed into a tree


And with this broken line

No matter how many times they tried to repair it

Was no longer a perfect fit

And the car that was once semi-autonomous

Had now become manual

And if the slightest mistake is made

Be it a late gear shift or stalling out

The path would be broken again


So now the Sun travels on a different path

A circle still, but no longer perfect

A flawed imitation of what came before

One that circles in

Pulled closer day by day


The Sun had become 

A coin in a gravity well

A car that pulls right

A battle of strength between a broken track and gods

As Helios struggles day in, day out

Trying to keep the Sun aligned

Keeping the distance as to not burn the Earth

But day by day the battle is lost


The defeats were miniscule at first

The track shrunk a centimeter on the first day

Helios stalled on the second

The horses grazed on the third

They had a late start on the fourth


But these losses add up

Not noticeable for a time

But as the years went on

The Earth warmed up

Now Demeter is mad, as are the Seasons 

They’re no longer useful and all out of sync

The people are suffering

The environment too


Poor Helios stares at the world down below

Stares at the ice melting below

Stares at the Winter, so warm with less snow

Stares at the Summer, so blistering hot

Poor Helios returns to his battle uphill


Helios sighs as he hears the cries

“Global Warming and Climate Change

Will be the death of us all”

And Helios knows with certainty

That if Pheathon had never drove

And the car had never crashed

That the track would be perfect

And the Earth would be fine


But Phaethon had died

For mistakes that he made

Died for a future the gods hoped to save

And despite the best efforts

The battles are lost


So now as we stand

Centuries later

We all suffer through

A dying planet

A changing world

At the hands of Phaethon

And the repercussions

Of an action long gone


This poem is about: 
Our world


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