Tired of feeling like im not loving my self tryn not get confused on the difference of subjecting myself.

I'm just try to love myself ,not get lost in the wrong feelings thats I felt. cause they just things I felt
Things I feel that ive lost , like pieces of myself . I told you this could happen if i didn't learn to trust myself . Now I'm writing this song, in hopes it will serve the next person looking for some help.

 in my palms I write these
Psalms, ask jesus himself
We can call it a Sing along

Like I keep inviting silence
But it dont guarantee peace of mind
Until you slow your roll
Slow your roll.
And really search yourself
Get to know Your soul

Cause some days im worried about the power and wealth.
How am I going to survive
I dont got family that i can ask for help.
Ive been praying I know Gods listening
The only response I get is you need to Learn to trust in me&
Depend on yourself..ill fill ..
Fill the wells ..

Cause I feel like I'm dying in a desert its dry out here and I'm living in hell
 im ashamed to ask .I fear
 I'm defending my pride and let me tell you it dont help.

Struggles to live and survive living a straight life and I'm still tryn to do right
In the mean time taking the focus off myself
Cause there are a million other people that really need my help.

Really need our help..

A path and the real can really recognize were
You place your wealth

Understand the psalm
we living in darkness &
You the light, jesus is our eyes
When we be walking blind
Like the stars in the night
The way they light the dark sky

Tryn to keep the light inside my heart
I know it ain't easya living on these streets.
Maybe that why a part of you listening to lyrical melody. the broken pieces of us that helps us Belong.
Pieces of each other that make up this song.

Go out there and get what yours dont forget
We're you came from, alot of enemy's aint wishing you well.
I wish I had known what i knew now
Because knowledge really helps.
Teacher never taught me nothing
That would actually Help
I guess something you just got
To figure out &,learn yourself.
Note to self. This is lyricism a psalm
A STORY A prayer In it self.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

It takes courage to express yourself with boldness, cries, and honesty.
Psalms is one of my favorite books in the bible
It talks about singing and worshipping God, Jesus
It talks about any form of wickedness, to cut it off
Never feel like you're by yourself, we are in this together as one in the body of Christ
Never put anything above The Lord, He is above all
We all come up short, it's about repentance in forgiveness of our transgressions.
The Lord bless us with spiritual gifts, let's use them for His Kingdom.
God bless you and keep writing

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