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Oh, Repella

The mayors daughter



It was only a dream

She would find a friend

A lover

A companion

All day Repella would disinfect, dust, and deterge

Not to mention the clean up of her hair 

And there was a lot

Although her mother secretly held adoration for Repella, it was never any use

She would argue the blonde long haired beauty would do well for her father's campaign 

Her father over shadowed her mother at any attempt for Repella's freedom 

One magical day when Repella had some free time she was relaxing on her balcony

"Hey! Hey! Hey, you?!" Startled, Repella stumbled off the ledge of her balcony on to the floor and crawled into her bedroom

Hoping whoever it was didn't clearly see her, she started pulling her hair up from the edge of the balcony

The more of her hair she pulled up the heavier it felt

When she reached the end of it something quick jumped off the balcony and landed right on top of her



She shrieked and backed up against the wall, seeing as the something that jumped off her balcony was a girl

The girl started running around her room and asking questions such as 

"Why's it so dark in here?"

And "Why do you have so much hair?"

"Who are you?" Repella asked, and the girl turned around with a big bold grin

"I'm Aurora, I didn't mean to scare ya. It's just that I'm new to this neighborhood and I haven't made any friends"

"I'll be your friend" Repella replied and with a pinkie swear their bond started forming

The two girls got closer and closer with each other learning everything about one another

Every night Aurora would sneak over and whisper up into the dark "Repella, Repella, let down you hair!"

Repella would throw her hair over the balcony edge and pull Aurora over, then together they would have a good laugh about it

They started talking about everything with each other from Repella's childhood to Aurora's crushes at her school

Soon Aurora was filled with hatred towards Repella's parents 

So they made a plan of escape 

On the night of the school dance, the mayor would be speaking at, Aurora snuk into Repella's house




Went Repellas hair, all made up and dressed up the girls went through the window on their way to Aurora's school dance

At the dance all of Aurora's classmates were curious about this new girl

Where did she come from? 

Where did she go? 

All they really knew was her name

Ella, as Aurora had introduced her

When it was time for the mayor to speak, he spoke but not for long

In the middle of his speech a girl hit the ground and it made an echoing thud

Suddenly all the attention was turned towards Repella and Aurora 

Aurora was on the floor

A large circle was quickly forming around the two girls

It all was happeing so quickly




The mayor's shoes were the only sound to be heard in the room 

Faster than anyone could process he scooped up the two girls and bolted out

The drive to the hospital wasn't like anything you would expect

Complete silence

No looks were exchanged 

Nor were questions 

He knew why she had done it 

She quite didn't understand what was happening now or what was going to happen 

Aurora's parents were called, they were in France

They also seemed disconcerned

It became clear to Repella why Aurora was so lonely 

Everything made sense now

Except for this 

There was only silence in the room and tension 

Until Repella's father finally spoke

"My dear daughter" he started

"This is all my fault, there is something I should've told you long long ago.

A voodoo witch put a spell on me, she gaurnteed I would be succeessful but something awful would commence.

My first born would be cursed, I never planned on having a child. Not even a son to carry on my name, I met a woman and I fell in love with her.

This woman was your mother, the mother you know now is not your birth mother."

"Father, please."

"No, Repella. You need to believe, time is short. When you grew a little bit, your hair started growing rapidly. Your mother, she tried to cut it but she went into a coma and the next day she died."

"Are you telling me there's no way to save, Aurora?"

"I'm not sure."


"Repella, please" 

"I do not want to here any more you have to spout. Out."

When Repella's father exited she broke out in tears. She crawled into Aurora's bed and held her in her arms.

She cried out for Aurora to come back, speaking aloud all the fun times they had and will continue to have.

When Repella thought all hope was lost, she heard Aurora's voice.



Both the girls burst out in tears, hugging each other tightly. 

They would never let go.

Nobody ever found out what made Aurora awake that night.

Was it their love for each other?

Was it the strength of the bond the two girls had created? 

No one knew

One thing was for sure

True love was greater than a kiss

It was pure




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