The Renaissance Poem

The portal of heaven is uncovering its doors for my father,

I am destined to encounter him,

Admire his effect on my life,

Plaudit him for his accomplishments,


As wives are lamenting her man’s release,

Trying to make peace with their new commencement, 

Enshrine the idea that i’ll return,

Disregard my momentary abscond.


Our fondness will always reunite us,

Our souls have an elastic link,

Which when stretched too far,

Will cause a collision.


After spending some time away,

The hand will always return to its departure,

Though in the noon,

The pointer will arrive.


Love is fire that burns deep in frosty desire.
Yet without you to light the fire in my soul,

Nothing colder than fire,

Lost and captured by my own isolation.

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Written in class

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