Remove the Defintions

 Life seems to revolve around the definitions of what  some people have... 


What's the definiton of weak?

Is it crying because your favorite television show has been cancelled?

Is it pouring your heart out to someone and as soon as the words have  left your tounge, you fall mute?

Is it not being able to live up to quotas set by another at work because somebody just had to have the larger office than you, or that closer relationsip to the person  you find attractive than you , or the smile that one person gives you, possibly filled with no means of competition , that sends you into  a deep seeded disgust , but subliminally, you yourself know  that the only true competition here is between you and jealosuy of them?

Is it feeling like   a failure because you havent seen your darling grand - children in months because you feel too weak to even step out of the house ?

Then again, what's the definiton of being a failure?

Is it not passing that test?

Is it not complying with the standards of beauty from every person you meet?

Is it not belonging to those  pack of  such " cool" people  that will allow you to join them  only if you strip yourself of your  pride and sanity with initiations ,  subliminally allowing  every breath you take to   strengthen their leader by diminishing yourself to commit those deadly sins such as impressing and aching to be accepted  by them where you will  foolishly believe that you are making yourself bigger by being with them but in reality, you have shrunken yourself so much that you are almost unrecognizable  from those dearing characteristics that have now been locked up  for storage and  now  only  a few months later,   after you had passed those hell driven initiations by cloning yourself  into that picture perfect person that they wanted you to be , you're caught   , giving the evil eye to another soul just because you don't like...her shoes, her hair, her...self ,while thinking to yourself that that's the mirror reflection of what  you yourself  used to resemble?

Is it procrasinating everything because you feel like the overwhelmness of the mountain of guilt is just piling on that makes tasks that would seem so simple as getting started on this very poem, utterly impossible because the cackle of the voice in your head demands you to stay where you are because that very same malicious demon is terrified itself that one day you may break that comforting bond it finds with you while  eating away at your soul as the devil inside your mind comands it to lightning and strike into your cranium everything that there is to be sad about  and before you know it, seventy years of pure hatred of what you could have become haunts you deeply into a feeling a utter despair because deep down you know you could have became it.

Then again, what is the definiton of sad?

Is it losing the game or match?

Is it having to hear the constant screeches from the never ending tension that seems to exist in your life?

Is it not feeling like you're pretty enough to even look at somebody else in the eye for a few seconds?

Is it having that sinking feeling in the back of your throat that you always want to cry and scream and break a wall because the feeling of frustration is just piling on and on with all these new found responsibilities as an adult  and one day you truly feel as if you will explode with anger and shake with agony?

Is it the way that you have to say goodbye  to  your special someone as you kiss their cheek while they lay almost immobile,   on the hospital bed , and as  you watch you see  their eyes give their final look of life as they slowly  close; the test of life  that will test every ounce of strength that you ever had?

Then again, what is the definiton of strength?

Is it being able to  still smile after you fall off your bike and scrape your knee?

Is it being able to put down that bottle of whiskey and promise yourself that you will get necesary help that has the potential power to transform your life from what you wish it can be, to what it can be?

Is it being able to stand up to that boss of yours who is cheating yourself off of your hardwork and  dedication,  all to merely glipmse at you when passing by you and leaving the atmosphere hollow as  to  no voice of at least a "hello" or a " good  day" , passes into the air,   while you're  faking a congeniality that you can't help but feel needs approval by him or her because he or she has the power to fire you ?

is it the look in your grandchild's eye  combined with courage , as she  to go back into the soccer  game after her previous inury?

Then again, what is the defintion of courage?

Is it being able to tell your teacher about those girls who have been picking on you during recess?

is it being able to finally pick up that study guide and perhaps try, despite everything said about you?

Is it being able to , despite it being over thirty years since you had any schooling, make the firm  decision to go back to college to get that degree you've wanted for a while now ?

Is is the  act of giving a warm and   sincere smile filled with life to a passing stranger  despite how many people  might have just  looked away from you  in the past  because of not wanting to associate with the elderly?

Then again , what is the defintion of life?

Ah, but you see, there is no one defintion.

The defintion of life,

or any emotions for that matter,

is soely up to the person themselves,

and as you can try to help someone realize their purpose ,

the only way that will work is if that person him or her-self  makes the  personal choice to believe it and strive for it.

How to complicate it less?

 First,  realize that in life, that  emotions and scenarios  might affect people differently than they affect you, and not everybody sees the same situation, the same way.

  Next, as apposed to just bashing them for how they feel, try to help them see the light in their life, but not control or put out  their light that they already posses inside of them.

Finally, remove the definitons and don't compare feelings.

I'll tell you what life isn't to me  : it isn't a defintion at all but all of who we truly are, occupying a physical form of beauty that has the power to live, breath, and bring a ray of light into someone else's darken abyss.

Now : go out, and eliminate those definements  that others may have of your feelings  ,  but accept help when needed to reach your inner bliss , while revolving your life around the hopefulness in your aura, as apposed to the devil inside your darkened world.






This is so beautiful! I got convicted, but uplifted reading this poem. It is sad to see that some people will skim over this poem and not get the message. It is to see that people want even give this poem a chance because of it length and most people now a days don't want to read period. Fortunately, I read and saw my definition in their of myself. I saw it and deleted completely from my existence for I am more than just a definition and so are you. You have an amazing gift from God to write inspirational, meaningful poems that can change someone's life for the better. God bless you and keep writing on my friend:)!!!

Ellary Mischel

Thank you so much !This made me smile so much !!! :) Also, I am working on another writing and most certainly will be continuing to write ! 


LOL:)!!! The words "keep writing on my friend" not only means to literally write on, but its a closing quote. I don't know if I will be here tomorrow for there is no guarantee of a tomorrow so I end all my messages with "God bless you and keep writing on my friend" as if it were my last words. God bless you and keep writing on my friend(:!!! 

Ellary Mischel

I like that a lot !!

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