I saw her first, alongside her mother,
My mind roved at the sight of her beauty,
The last memory I have left of her,
Was the first smile she ever gave me:
I saw her, and said not a word
However, I gave her but a stare,
Not only her face, but her soul was I to allured.
At the moment,
She became translucent,
I saw the truth; she was pure, soft and fair.

Her friends made her laugh,
And many liked her.
I wish had the strength to approach her with words close to 'how much I loved her,
Although did I not know her,
Her eyes spoke to mine on behalf of her,
Did I not have the right to be with her? Why wait all these years to finally realise that I loved her?
I could've been more than just an admirer,
Things might've changed, and I'd be her lover
If never knowing her was nature's plan,
Why do I feel the saddest among all who have known her, and yet we never spoke,
I accept now that it is too late, I'll never be her man,
It seems my desire were but a mere joke,
Or was I but a coward, who never could provoke?

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