I still remember your beautiful smile
The way your teeth seemed to glow as our eyes met 
I remember you 
And nothing could ever change that 
Because you are special 
Can't anyone love you the way I do
But they can treat you better 
I wasn't the best boyfriend in the world 
I tried to be though 
Although the best can never be good enough for you, the world is not perfect, 
So why should I be 
Or attempt a strong journey towards it
As the maps of love guides me to your amazing heart 
I have always adored it
That's what I say as I journey further into the structures of your body that come with the understanding of you
But the disinterest put your heart as rest 
Restless nights as I envision Wesley snipes lying next to my bed with his sharp blade at night turning my pure darkness into light
Because that's what I had when I lost you 
I'd like everyone to not think it’s true 
But in my face the smile is a waste as my eyes tell the truth
Nothing was the same. 
But same is nothing when you don't have a name  
For what we shared 
And sharing is caring and my mind is blaring as the pictures of us just stay in my mind 
And that's hard to find. 
I'm still hurt by those words 
I remember: writing you the first poem you'd never deserved
Tears brought to my eyes as I begin to let the memories become clear 
I remember trying to kiss you like that 
Eyes closed to the fact that we were making a way together 
And the feeling of our lips pressed against each other made it feel like we would last forever in any type of weather
And our fingers interlocked...
Man falling in love with you sucked.
You made the imperfect world seem perfect within the simple hint of a smile. 
You made me let my guard down.
By you just caring for me and my past, you have allowed me to grow. 
You allowed me to find the real me, and I still don't know who that is. 
But you gave me an idea. 
As pain comes with living you showed me joy in having this pain. 
This pain in my heart, no matter how unexplainable, seemed to become joy, happiness, and perfection. 
In your arms, we were the only ones in the world. 
Unaffected by the curse that comes with the knowing of my name, you became a stronger person.
 You've always been stronger than me though. 
I never imagined you to be this special and close to my heart. 
The only wish I have for you is happiness.
 In order to be with me, you needed happiness. 
Because without your happiness, how would I have mine. 
Trapped in a world where war isn't that hard to find
But the fight isn't anywhere but my body. 
Continuous rumbling of my muscles as the gun shots of spasms and bombs of soreness grow. 
With every war, there's a saving grace, and you were mine. 
Don't get me wrong, you had your imperfections, but there weren't many. 
And I don't think I could ever bare losing you I hate the thought of losing you. 
Yet I already have...
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