You want to pretend I want to pretend too.

Let’s go back sometime and jump double Dutch without shoes.

Let’s meet Miss Mary Mack on the fourth of July and ask her,

"how far up is the sky?"

Let’s play on the playground, swing, and slide.

Let’s pretend this moment is ours for life.

Can we giggle and laugh and sing that silly song

about our best friend siting in a tree with that boy she didn’t get along


Let’s blow bubbles those bubbles we blew back then   

can’t compare to now because now we know when

those bubbles leave the stick to float in the sky with their short, short lived lives

they die.

And the boy that sat in the tree no longer just wants a kiss.

He wants much more but momma taught us much better than this.

We now understand that make believe isn’t real.

That Barney and friends is just a show and not somewhere we can really go.

And no matter how many times we click our heels we won’t make it back home.

We understand no matter how much we cry and look back on good times

God can’t take us back we can’t press rewind.

So we live in this moment cause this moment is real,

but that doesn’t mean we still don’t feel

the joys of back then those good old days.

Take my hand come with me lets go and play

please take my hand and don’t hesitate to come with me to go play.

I want to pretend like I was back, back in those easy days


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