A Reminder

Thu, 09/26/2019 - 15:19 -- navy109

I find myself,

Not when I’m by myself,

But when I’m with other people.

My goals and desires are kindled

By the love I receive from…

Friends, roommates, parents,

But also from smiling professors,

From kids who share my dreams,

Those who see my struggles,

Eager to help me,

Even though I mostly reject them.


I’ve learnt that,

Collectively, at least,

My peers and my mentors

Know me better than I do.

And that I can’t keep saying

“Everything’s fine,

Everything’s going the way it should”

When I envision a bright future

That I often times turn away from.


I reject myself,

I reject past experiences,

I reject parts of me

I’ve only shared with a few.

Some of whom deserved to know,

Others who didn’t.


But it doesn’t matter

Who exactly knows.

The point is

Caring people


People who love me


And I need to…

Remind myself that

Every day,

So I don’t fall into another

State of utter emptiness.


I have hope that

Whenever I’ve reached

The landmark of utmost

Authenticity and diligence,

I will make people proud.


I have hope that

I have a purpose.


I have hope that

I can save people,

Just like others have saved me.


To close this off,

I want to remind everyone,

Including myself,

That you are loved.

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