Remind Me How To Love


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My shattered heart like a glassware puzzle.
In pieces too small to even fathom repair.
Caring girls came along with precious hearts of gold,
But my razor-glass heart sliced their fragile fingers.
I laid in shambles and disarray.
Unwanted, unimportant, unloved.
And could only reminisce of the time when my heart,
strong and vibrant, loved as none did before.
But ages then passed and such memories faded.
My puzzle heart seemed meant to be incomplete.

Then she, the one, arrived to end my pain.
Commenced to solve my puzzle without refrain.
Her fingers were unscathed and proud smile worn.
Once again I lived, and a love was born.

I wondered how she saved me when no one else could,
or why she loved me when no one else would.
But I received no answer and didn't care much.
For I was finally embraced in True Love's touch.

Then one day, after years and years had passed,
my one and only, untimely, breathed her last.
I gave her all the love that my heart could give,
but her heart no longer strong enough to live,

So I took one last kiss upon her lips,
as she ascended to a place beyond my grips.
Yet, she left upon our bed a note for me.
What more was there to add to this tragedy?

It simply said, "My dear, my world, my love.
If you read this now, I have risen above.
Mourn me not for I knew this was my fate.
I am prepared to stand at heaven's gate.

The reason for my untimely death
is also what made me want to take each new breath.
Our love, my dear, came at a precious cost.
Remember I found you heartbroken and lost.

Your heart was in pieces and too hard to mend.
In truth, I used parts of my heart to lend.
Our hearts were one, dear, always together.
Our bodies no longer, but our love forever."

She sacrificed her heart for the sake of mine.
The same selfless sacrifice of the divine.
I'll be with you soon, my dear, far above.
Thank you for reminding me how it feels to love.


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