Remember Who You Are

Little wandering human,

Don’t lose yourself in this world.

Remember who you are,

Don’t lose yourself in shiny things and a fancy car.

Remember why you’re here,

Don’t lose yourself to life’s temptations,

For this life is only temporary.

Remember where you came from, 

For the roots of your past,

Are what make you in the present.

Remember that the ground you walk on arrogantly today,

Will be the roof on top of your head some other day.


But most of all little wandering human,

Remember your Creator.

For it is He that you are standing on this tower,

It is He that you are where you are,

It is He that you turn to in your darkest hour,

And it is He that you will return to at a time not too far.


So don’t lose yourself to life’s temptations,

When things get too hard,

Or when you think you have it all,

Remember that His Book and His prayers are what bring peace to your soul.

Remember that when you become a star-

Little wandering human,

Remember who you are.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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