Remember when you failed that test?


Not even the most intelligent understand

that through all the good and all the bad

each moment was most carefully planned. 

The time when you fell off your bike,

The time when you failed a test in school,

The time when you lost a great friend,

you must think the creator's a fool.

But I must tell you one thing,

He loves you more than you would ever know,

Each flower that blooms,

Each rooster that crows, 

Each bird that sings,

and all the grass that grows. 

It's all for you and me. 

He wants us to have the very best

which doesn't always mean laughter and joy,

it can mean pain and suffering,

a broken heart over a boy. 

Most people like to dwell in their misfortune

to blame the loving God above,

for all the pain that they must endure

when He did it out of love.

Remember when you fell off your bike?

You got up and won a race.

Remember when you failed that test?

You became a professor, only by grace.

Remember when you lost a friend?

He gave you the strength to carry on.

Strength to heal and strength to see,

That He's the solid rock to stand upon.

Before you close your eyes tonight

pray to God who's had your back

loved you and forgave you,

and strenghtened you in the areas you lack. 



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