Remember the Poet

Thu, 05/15/2014 - 14:10 -- srm12d

When it is all said and done, will I be remembered?

Not by my close friends and family, but by those thereafter?

Billions of people in this unexplainable planet,

striving for greatness is like drilling through granite.

Fame and fortune is the American Dream,

but I'd rather be remembered for all my good deeds.

Some go unnoticed, and some glow like embers,

but when it is all said and done, will I be remembered?

Whether it is a new discovery or a life-changing invention,

I am dedicated to make sure in the future I am mentioned. 

From an ordinary student to a national figure, 

the path is rough, but that makes my story bigger.

Engineering to benefit mankind, 

am I the only one that feels like a mastermind?

Seeking a break in humanity from January to December,

when it is all said and done will I be rememered?

In 500 years I want to be honored,

and bragged on by my family who claim "that's my great, great grandfather!"

My time has not come, but I truly feel it will,

when I surface to the top and become a big deal. 

Life is too short to be lazy and breeze through,

especially if you want the chance of there being a statue of you. 

My journey has begun, making me a contender,

when it is all said and done, will I be remebered?


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