Remember my name


We are ostracized   

We are dehumanized  

I bleed just how you bleed 

When I cry, I have tears in my eyes  

For once would you just look at me  

They yell “Mistake Mistake” 

You need to call us by our names 

Looking for justice where there is only Hate 

I break and break,

 I crumble into paste 

As you kneel on top me 

“Mistake Mistake” 

You need to call us by our names 

For once would you just look at me 

We will no longer break 

Or crumble into paste 

This time you'll see what I see 

When George Flloyd died 

We had to take on this man's legacy 

This is your last mistake

 Say our names  

I pray for a better society


This poem is about: 
My country


starr bahamonde

Im praying for a better society.


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