Remember Me?


United States
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Where were you when I needed a friend?
Someome to talk to
To help me
Things were changing so fast
Times were tough
I counted on you
But you were no where to be found
Always yelling
Disappearing into the night
You left me to fend for myself
Like an animal
Hating myself
And begging for sympathy
Like a homeless
But I have a house
Food and water
Clothing on my back
You give all that is expected
All but your presence
You take the vibe of happiness from the air
Like a thief
But I know better
I will not accuse you
Of the hurt that I endure
I just beg you to come back
And remind me of who I am
Of whom I've come from
And of where I'm going
Re-align my path in life
And shine the light at the end
So I can walk this path
Jog and run
All 'till it's worn out
'Till I've reached the end
And I have lived my life.
Please come back, mom.



I dont understand your pain, but through this poem you made me feel some of your hurt. This may not mean much but.. for whatever its worth , I am sorry for the pain you are enduring... just remember it will get better.

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