Remember Me

Sat, 07/04/2015 - 19:42 -- Khazeli

I am thinking of you as I lay in bed emotionally drained listening to some carl thomas emotional rain....thinking of how soft ur touch is and how my body moves to ur suckle and then my eyes closed up, how your tongue grazed over my spots and I could relax with ease as you gave it all you got, and I could tell you enjoyed me a lot. I've never felt so calm and serene didn't have to push or rush it out, never under pressure like I won't get there or you'll stop,cuz you never had me on a time clock, this is the shit what I've been reading about. Your intensity was there with every buckling jerk and your fingers moving in up ward flicking motions over my Gspot, had me as close to the skies as one could get, with the clouds tickling my nipples as my excitement raised and you didn't miss a dribble, the highest of elevation, keeping me wetter n wetter with the ending I couldn't even envision, the sounds you made encapsulated the music,
your savor of me was even more tantalizing then your adoration , suddenly I felt free, from all the stress and jus caressed, you led me to ecstasy! your slow n precise movements over my continents, explored in such ways tha I realized I had been finally found, but you jus like Columbus got the credit, and didn't matter who else came before, it was the first time my waves soared, it was you, jus you that could have that legacy, and giving pleasure like a high I never flew, even with Mary Jane on cue, and no words of I love you, but felt like we already knew, you were so gentle bringing out joyous yet monumental moans with waves erupting underground structures like a tsunami bypassing over territory I've had yet to meet, but you remain in place never leaving my space, appears though time collapsed and the stars aligned, akin to bring about that annoying sound, you know on the TV broadcasting an emergency coming thru, reminiscent of that nights storm, I named Norm, cuz this is a 'Normal' invasion I should of had all along, to now embrace the exploding warmth and let you bring down my waterfalls, a rush that swathes my soul, and you won't let me drive you away,my Umami savored and highly favored, but jus when I thought you were done, Lord, have mercy! I was unable to catch my breath and bask in what jus happened, my ears have simmered in deceit, but the preview made me yearn for more, your lips now coated savory goodness shifted to say "are you ready for that again?" My sensations spinned and my eyes lit up and I got back in position, didn't have to say that twice, another round on the house, and he knew it might take me longer, yet your still aroused, but you with no hesitation, it was me contemplating on how you have me shimmering in your honor, you upgraded to the majors and wanted no favors just my pleasure was all you treasured, you've stamped satisfaction guarantee! Oh, I loved how you let it be all about me, knowing I was in awe of your skillful delight, that in return you'd be exalted and set free-- with every component of my being -- you too will remember me.

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