Remember Me

Now I am gone

My last curtain has been drawn.

Remember when you first showed up?

And were looking at my cup?


I remember.


Remember when we went to school,

And whilst at lunch, pretended to drool?


I remember.


But I was forced to go.

And oh, how the rain fell so.


I remember,


I had to go, and you to stay

To spend your life day by day.


I remember.


Where be I, and where you be,

Under the same sky, but so far you see.


I remember.


Our lives both end and start this year.

You there, and I here. 

You are where I long to be!

But, do you remember me?


I remember.


Oh the adventures, the joys, the sorrows

Can no longer carry on the morrow.


Our paths were forced apart

And we used to think we were so smart.


But... Alas


Now I am gone.

My last curtain has been drawn.

All I ask is that you remember me,

The way that I remember you.


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