Remember to Love

I love when the sun warms my face

When the clouds drift slowly away

When the earth produces life;

The trees that fill my lungs with oxygen

And give me shade on a sunny day.

I love the wind that lifts my hair, soothing my scalp


I love my bed that conforms to the shape of my body

And holds me when I’m sad and depressed

Can’t forget my pillow that supports my head.

The Toms that cradle my feet when I walk

The black sweater that protects me and shields me away


I especially love the woman who gave birth to me, whom we share the same name

I love my pit, however spoiled and stubborn he may be

The many journals that hold my thoughts and dreams

The empty canvas that waits patiently to carry the weight of my paint

The device that stores my favorite songs


I love what the future awaits, whatever it may bring

I love the past because it made me, me

Life is full of abundant things, things I take for granted

That is why I try to remember to love every last thing


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