Imagine the time that you used to be able to remember.

You have to imagine,

because you can no longer grasp that memory.

The feeling of something almost there,

torments you.

If only you could forget just a little bit better.

That way,

you wouldn't have this feeling of remembering

yanking on your mind.

You want to speak,

but your clumsy lips can't find the words.

You know them, but you can't quite remember.

If only you could...

If only it were possible...

If only it was just...

But you can't remember what you can't...

You can't remember what isn't possible...

You can't remember what was just...

But you know it's just not.

Emotion alone speaks to the lonely

audience of one. 

And you're not even listening. 

If only you could remember.


How to forget.

Just a little bit better. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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