Back in middle school, to be a liitle bit more specific, back in the fifth grade I lost one of the two most important people in my life permanently and the other temporary. My great-uncle Adli died and a couple months before my graduation, my younger sister Regina was taken from me. I remember that rainy day when we both found out that we'll no longer be together anymore soon. We sat by the bedroom window holding each other just pouring in tears like the rain, while the rumbling thunder shook the sky above us. My sister and I was very close. No matter what happen, we were always there for each other. Now that I'm alone, I just wonder if she: Remembers me, Remember the da we went to the beach, Remember when we first learned how to skate, Remember when we stayed up all night, Remember when we made dinner, Remember our last birthday part, Remember when we started babysitting.... I just wonder if she REMEMBERS.       


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