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Remember when I was the one who finally asked you on a date?

Boy, I know you remember those memories we shared.

I did everything for you as if you were my husband and soulmate.

Boy, I swear you were the one I only loved and cared.

4 years strong and we are now seventeen.

We had our own kingdom where you were king and I was queen.


Remember those talks, soft kisses, and sweet giggles.

Those happy memories makes me smile like I'm getting tickled.

Boy, I would spend my last penny on you.

I would run more than extra miles and scuff my shoes. 

The day I would stop loving you is when my tear drop in the ocean.

But my heart was on it's last ride of roller coaster emotion.

Your love was my paradise.

Too bad you didn't realize.


But do you remember when you made these scars?

I always had tears on my face.

You became so ugly, What a disgrace.

I never thought you would harm

my heart

my love

my trust

No, this was just lust.

Why would you hurt me to the core?

Your heart is weak and poor.

Man, don't be running back now.

Cause there's no finish line over my way.

You  aren't allowed.

You're not winning today!


Do you remember when I finally left your fool ass.

Boy, I thought I would never leave.

But now my heart is light since there's no more heavy mass.

I will never leave my heart on my sleeve.




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