The Remains Of My Mistakes

They tell me to talk

But all I could do is walk

I sit and think

But still I couldn't speak

Its too painful

Its too hard

To think about the song

That tells me when my life is gone

Wasted away with the hurtful things they say

They think I don't care

But its hard to bare

From the pain

To the ways I did

Handle my mistakes

But its all too late

or isit?

Is it too late to fix my ways

Or give up those days

Of pain and sorrow

And wake up tomorrow

Saying "you got this" "you can do this"

And no onewill miss this pain

But uptill now

When I write these words

I could still feel the aches and the burns

But like my mama always said

"this to shall pass"

And that will always last

After death

or when I take my last breath

Those scars are battle wounds 

And for that I say

Don't give up

Don't stay silent

Cause that day

Could go away

Not just for you 

But your family too

I say this from experience

Please don't miss this

Message that preach

Even though you might not see

Me doing the same.

But whose to blame 

For the fear we have 

And the outcomes we face

But today could be your day

To say...

"This to shall pass"

And this will forever last

From the dawn

Intill the night

Don't be frightend

Just feel enlightend

That God doesn't judge

Even if you are

Yhe residue of a scar

Trust in God 

And you will forever be


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wow this brought me in tears it tells exactly where I am fighting against

struggling suicidal depressed but exactly keep going for loved onces yes I’m happy with this. And 1 thing

Stay strong!


I'm glad i've inspired you! thanks for commenting

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