The set structures of our society
Pressuring people towards propriety
Our nation's built on the variety
Yet I was hated because I was different
Now can't you see the irony

Personally, poetry was a way out
On page my feelings were all layed out
When I wrote there was no set route
No one to tell me I was so wrong
And for once in my life I had no doubt

Whenever I wrote, I was always right
There were no hateful school kids to display my plight
I remember before I wrote poems I was filled with fright
I was picked on and teased
And I would cry through the night

Never had I imagined that I'd find such a release
I'd finally found a source that turned my anger into peace
The hardships and teasing and pressures don't cease
But from the start to now
Poetry has brought me a soothing relief

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