Relaxing My Mind


I'm the type of guy

who tries not to say "I"

Because when I saying "I" 

is showing too much pr"i"de.


'I' was raised that way

believing there is a link

to the philosophy of my kind

I best not double think


But I must continue this poem;

fingers on the keys

Perfecting every line

and crossing all my 't's.


You know those moments

when you're with your pals

when you speak deep topics

about all of life trials


About the difficult questions

the far future and our goals

And we look at mans problems

Filling all the unanswered holes


Our grades shows our progress

but our progress is what we learn

when challenging classes arise

we students don't hesitate to turn


Emotions swinging left and right

Up and down it goes

We must set our eyes on our dreams

Every success gets us close


All this was on my mind

I failed an AP Bio test today

Its funny how creative poems like this

can ease my mind astray


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