Thu, 07/21/2016 - 07:17 -- alisee

Now when i'm single, that's when i have feelings 

I go from happy to depressed 

to even know what i am thinking 

I sink in 

To these emotions filling in my body 

then I start to dropping, 

Crying on the inside, 

Dying on the inside,

Because I want some love an affection

that's what I am addressing,

no one putting less in.


I am not a toy, you play with to enjoy for the moment,

my emotions have been stolen and never even a woken.

I want to cry but my body is too immune to that system 

from relationships that has broken my heart into pieces.


That cannot be put back together, 

like a woven sweater.

So they bottled up, in a cup 

no one wants a sip, 

more emotions fill up, 

over flow the cup, 

there's too much,

too even swallow in one gulp. 

You can't take it, You can't handle it 

It really is too much, 


For you 

So no relationship is for me.

People say they can handle it but then leave right before me.

It's a warning; a sign 

A signal of distress

So n*gga you can have me or either settle for less.


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